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New Work

by Nathan Dueck

Parliamentary Activity of the Honourable @viewcost:

Glad to speak about #Bill18 with Mb teens of queer persuasion. Turns out they aren’t into Sharia law! #AprilFools #CouldaFooledMe

10:00:10 AM April 1, 2013


Proud to support #BathroomBill in Cdn Parliament. Turns out our Lord & Saviour’s cool with transgendered folk! #FoolMeOnce #PityTheFool

00:10:00 AM April 1, 2013


‘April is the cruelest month.’ T.S. Eliot / ‘@toewsvic is one cruel motha!’ @MrT

11:10:00 AM April 1, 2013


I am a forgive & forget Christian, but a persecute & prosecute politician. #AsGodMadeMe #PurposeDrivenLife #YOLO

11:10:00 AM April 3, 2013


#BullyPulpit (Bull.he.pull.pit), n. Religious rhetoric used by oppressors to #pound political opposition into submission. #Bill18

11:10:00 AM April 9, 2013


‘He that is without sin among you, let that guy bully members of high school “Gay-Straight Alliance” clubs.’ #NewToewsTranslation #BullyPulpit #Bill18

10:00:10 AM April 9, 2013


#NotFitToGovern RT @JustinTrudeau: Translation tip for #anglophones: ‘fatiguée’ means ‘tired,’ but not — as @ToewsVic believes — ‘fatty gay.’

00:10:00 AM April 9, 2013


#OppressiveConservative #UninformedFormerReformer #ToryToryHallelujah — Rejected hashtags for our Federal Budget 2013.

11:10:00 PM April 10, 2013


As a White Male Conservative, I only want to cut three things: #CorporateTaxes #SupportForTheArts #ARug

11:10:00 PM April 10, 2013



Hey, have ya heard o’ the step that’s sweeping the #CPC? It’s called the ‘Toeing the Party Line’ dance! #StompinTom #RIP

11:10:00 PM April 18, 2013


♪♫ The good ol’ Game of Thrones / Is the best game you can name / & the best game you can name / Is the good ol’ Game of Thrones ♫♪ #HouseHarper

10:00:10 PM April 18, 2013

Y’know how I know #Curling is a fictional sport, kinda like #Quiddich? No way a man sweeps around my house! #Crucio #Imperio #Silencio

00:10:00 PM April 25, 2013


Overheard an #LGBT exercising right to free speech about my ‘catching’ moustache. I said, ‘Come again?’ Clearly, he meant ‘fetching.’

11:10:00 PM April 30, 2013


Each time I see lady dainties in the SEARS catalogue, I must masturbate furiously. That’s how straight I am #AsGodMadeMe #5LoveLanguages #LOL

11:10:00 PM April 30, 2013

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Nathan Dueck

The last two letters of nathan dueck's first name & the first letter of his last spell “and.” Only he prefers writing it “&.” He's the author of king's(mère) (Turnstone, 2004) and he’ll (Pedlar, 2014). & he tweets @nathandueck.