The Winnipeg Review is always looking for opinionated, well-informed, articulate book reviewers, but please query first for reviews, and for articles and interviews.

Please note that we do not review self-published books or e-books. Our mandate is to to review English Canada’s varied and prolific fiction that comes from professional presses. We believe in gate-keeping just as Robert Frost believed in fences. And yes, we know Walt Whitman self-published; he was also a genius, an exceedingly rare condition among humans. (We also know about Terry Fallis.)

Excerpts and new work in TWR are mostly by invitation, but we will read unsolicited subs; if you haven’t heard from us in two months, assume we aren’t interested. All contributors receive a small honorarium and eternal notoriety. Copyright of all material published here reverts to the authors and should not be reproduced without explicit permission.

We do edit┬áthe work we publish, even though it’s on-line, for clarity, accuracy, thoroughness, and occasionally gracefulness.

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