• Youthful Appetite

    ‘The Dark Missions of Edgar Brim’: An Interview with Shane Peacock

    By Anita Daher

    Multi-award-winning author Shane Peacock jokes that he is from a place that doesn’t exist. A perfect start for someone who conjures up character and place. That place is Port Arthur, one of two towns that amalgamated to become Thunder Bay. MORE >

  • Offshore Drilling: Reviews In Translation

    To Moscow

    By Jeff Bursey

    According to publicity material, Rosa Liksom (born in 1958 as Anni Ylävaara) is from a tiny Sami village “where her parents were reindeer breeders and farmers.” MORE >

  • From the Editor's Desk

    Literary expeditions

    By Julienne Isaacs

    Resolutions often follow hot on the heels of holiday excess. Here at The Winnipeg Review, we’d rather not champion Marie Kondo-esque appeals to minimalism—at least, that is, when it comes to reading. MORE >