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by Nathan Dueck

Parliamentary Activity of the Honourable @CiteVows (see his more recent tweets here and here):


Congratulations to @ChiefTheresa for protesting the false idols that slowly but surely slip into celebrations of our Savior’s birth #reasonfortheseason #keepchristinchristmas #twasthemooninwintertime

05:01:35 PM January 1, 2013


Ridiculous! #NDP and #LPC oppose #CPC directive to stop dangerous inmates from raising money for local charities and relief organizations! Seems the opposition would rather throw pizza parties for violent prisoners!

07:35:30 AM January 7, 2013


#ramblingtirade #twitterrant #regrettable RT @PatMartinMP Unsure the Minister of Public Safety really understands that he was elected, not ordained. Tell @VicToews he’s wrong.

05:05:38 PM January 14, 2013


Despite what you may hear, Theresa Spence is not a chief of police. In the event she pulls your vehicle over, you have every right to remain silent. Please resist the urge to protest in large groups, even if you were duped. I sure was #idlefreecommunity

07:13:31 AM January 21, 2013


On this date in 2005, I survived accusations of illegal expense spending during my losing campaign in 1999 :( to stay on as MLA of Rossmere. Because I pled guilty, #mbpoli only fined me $500. Then, in 2006, I became Minister of Justice for @pmharper. You got served #cdnpoli!

03:50:07 PM January 25, 2013


My bill is named C-30, not bill C-3PO. If you can stand that joke, you are the reason our gov’t needs access to internet subscriber information without a warrant http://bit.ly/zyyHfP #neversaidchildpornographers #cbclies #hansardfibs

07:73:40 AM January 28, 2013


I was shocked to learn that #idlenomore has nothing to do with leaving the vehicle running while you go inside the corner store #nomoreforeignoil #keystone province

05:80:08 PM January 31, 2013

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