Three Poems by K.I. Press

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You tried to leap in the fourth month,
a wax doll, from my forehead,
in a disconcerting rush of blood.
This is the first scar.

I was too clever for you, lying,
having hit, I now deduce, the sidewalk,
smarting and stupified. My strategy: relaxation.
That’s nice, I was so tired and now
I’m warm in bed, my head, on a pillow
not unlike a doorstop. Oh.
Rust filled my nose, mouth, and left eye.
Reached up and shut the hole.
Not yet.
Not without a few more scars between us.




20 Ventose: Cordeau

A pulsing cordeau.
A game of telephone.
I’m sending a serious inquiry along the bloodstream.
Along the fantastic lifestream.
The cooling of vibrations when sent underwater, or ground,
grounded in the slow virtual moaning.

Skip rope: obstacle course.
Velvet rope: liminal. Lifeside.
Rope to pull the drowning man from water.
Rope to preserver, head and shoulders through.

Hangman. Language deadly and invisible.
I need to guess the firstborn’s name. Only three chances.
Only one chance. And there it will go away.


9:22  A.M, Monday, July 11, 2011

Omg! When the baby sleeps!!!!!!!!! ;)

Baby baby baby baby baby babyyyy hello hello baby baby whats up

TriumphLingerie: Congratulations to Victoria and David:
Spice Girls react
She is a healthy little girl and weighs the same as her mother.
the baby is so fluffy!
Hahahahah! My little retarded looking baby
That baby got a old face! Lol

Mn moeder is een hater!!
#dontdeletebaby y vota SI ME GUSTA al deo de Baby!
i love u like a love song baby. <3

New at Baby Items Store: working a job I hate to keep my baby! #workingmum
Tested 4 men and none are her baby daddy, hahahah, she a hoe
Two right handed people can’t make a left handed baby #MauryNiggas
the dude said they not his childern caz they chubby. Wtf baby u kno come out skinney ?????? That baby got chubby feet
that baby don wan die for bbm she shud stil be wif her moma cos she’s trash I swear
#hoodchicks think its cute when they baby dance like strippers…

New at Baby Items Store: Disney System
Be the new face of Masala Baby & win $200 wardrobe!
@RatedRudeBoy Gucci have THE MOST ADORABLE baby clothes EVER!!!!! I want a baby so I can dress him/her up (as well as the love, care etc)

What are the ways to conceive a baby girl?
I want to hopefully stay with my baby father
You threatened to abort our baby – now prove she’s mine

awwwww im so excited…. 1 month untill i get my baby….
dont know what im gonna name him!!!!
Bring the drugs baby I can bring my pain… I got my heart right here
Is waiting on my baby, aubrey faith, to be born :)
RainbrowBrite16: And the new baby will be named *drumroll please* …. Tremaine…..
maybe their baby name book got mixed up with their comic book collection?
Loving my baby,
Alvaro Joshua Eugenius Tampubolon {}

I had my baby last night #Bria
And now I will get into the foetal position and rock back and forwards

The glove is ruined RT @Its_JSims_Bitch: This woman gave birth to a 17 lb. baby!!! #goodlawd PUSSY AINT NO GOOD NOW LMAO
<——My GF don’t even look like she just had a baby HA ;) :)
baby phat isn’t acceptable to any age
that’s not using it, baby
i’ll tell her to hold the baby in.

Like baby, baby, baby nooo Like baby, baby, baby oooh
How can a girl keep calling you baby and put bare kisses in a text only to then turn around?!?! Cunt!
Won’t you give me something to remember baby shut your mouth
Baby you, want it all the time and I do too
Its Vegas on Friday baby!

it’s a wild world

Praying for friends who are saying goodbye to their baby girl.

Poetically Dope: I don’t give a damn about your baby

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